Make sure you are your best self first, then you can show up for others and provide the most value possible.

Are you a busy, overloaded woman juggling to balance all areas in your life?
You also strive to be happy and healthy but you struggle to find time for you.

Do you recognise this:

  • you feel out of balance
  • what used to work for your body, doesn’t work anymore
  • you don’t sleep well
  • you feel stressed and overwhelmed
  • you cannot seem to lose that extra weight
  • you don’t feel happy in your body
  • you feel like ‘is this all there is?’
  • you’re tired often and lack energy

Let’s start to take care of you and your body.

Working with me will give you:

√ Less stress
√ Better sleep
√ More energy
√ More focus and productivity
√ More time for you
√ Happy in your body
√ Feel confident and secure
√ A sense of happiness and wellbeing
√ Feel like you can manage it all better
√ Accidental weight loss 🙂

My name is Matthea Osinga, I’m a mom of two, an ex-expat who lived in India and Australia and an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.

I will help you find your balance. Reconnect with your body and listen to what you need.

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