Hungry vs Fulfilled
Cranky vs Calm and content
Tired vs Energised
Scattered vs Focused

Which do you chose?


Hi there.
My name is Matthea Osinga, I’m a life coach and an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.


If you’re a human being, which you probably are, because you’re reading this,
I know this is what you need:


 Good sleep

 Nourishing food

 Low stress levels

 Fun!

 Movement


I also know you probably want to lose some weight. Usually when people want to lose weight, they start a diet. A diet stands for deprivation; things you cannot have. You end up feeling hungry and cranky. And you cannot do your work feeling like that, would you agree?

Let’s focus on the things you CAN have.

I want to challenge you to work with me on one or more of the 5 areas above.

Let’s focus on feeling good, having energy. Because that’s what will happen.

Fuel yourself and the weight will come of. Accidental weight loss is what I call it.


How much is your health worth to you?


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