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Get in shape program

Being in shape
Is not about the shape of your body
It is about the shape of your life.

Do you long for more energy, better health and more balance between being a mom, working and taking care of yourself?

Have you been struggling to reach a healthy weight?
Have you tried one diet after another, only gain back the weight you just lost (and maybe even more)?
Do you suffer from low energy levels, maybe even feeling chronically tired and exhausted?
Are you looking for ways to reduce stress?
Find a balance between working, being a mom and taking care of yourself?
Do you often feel guilty and torn between all the different roles you need to fulfil while there is not enough time?
Getting into shape?

This needs to change. Prevent burning out. Let me help you.

Get your mind and body in shape program

With me by your side for 3 months, teaching, motivating, supporting and coaching you to a change in lifestyle that will be permanent. It will be your own, a way of life. Not some trick that you do for 10 days or 4 weeks and then go back to the way things were. Working with me will lead to lasting change and success.

There is no deprivation, no feeling guilty, no weird flavours or restrictions. Because everything that is too extreme or complicated never works for very long. You are probably leading a very busy life and you need an approach that is doable and straightforward; something that works for the whole family.

If your goal is to have more energy and get in shape then this program is for you.
You will learn how to eat without counting calories, measuring food. There is room for enjoyment. It is even necessary! Without enjoyment and some indulgence every now and then, there won’t be any lasting result.

Ditch the cycle of constant dieting. Show your children how to take good care of yourself, to eat normally and enjoy your food and feel good. The really important reason why healthy food and healthy eating is what matters: increased energy, better health and wellbeing. Be the role model of healthy eating for your family; maybe even get them involved.

I will give you all this:

  • motivational and inspiring coaching
  • accountability
  • recipes
  • shopping tips
  • healthy food tips
  • how to be prepared
  • how to work on the right mindset
  • how to keep it real

Once we start working together it won’t take long for you to see great side effects: you will feel your energy levels rise, you will feel more focused and fulfilled, your immunity is getting a boost, your sleep will be better. This is no quick fix though, the weight will not fly off but it will slowly and steadily melt away. The only way it sustainably works.

What is covered in the Get your mind and body in shape program?

Session 1 Nutrition part 1: what to eat and why diets don’t work
Session 2 Nutrition part 1: planning, mindful eating, portion control
Session 3 Stress and self care: how to balance your work, being a mom and taking care of yourself
Session 4 Movement and relaxation: how to integrate movement and relaxation into your busy life
Session 5 Sleep: the foundation of your health and a big key to reach a healthy weight
Session 6 Mindset and habits: how to make it stick and what to do when you fall of the wagon

Every other week we will have a full 50 minute session. Every other week because it gives you the time to implement your new healthy habits. In the weeks between the sessions we will have one moment of contact during which you can ask me questions or if you are stuck I will give you a nudge in the right direction.

Why 3 months?

This is the minimum amount of time needed for you to trade old habits for new ones and to make a new lifestyle your own.

You are totally worth this!

The investment in your health is 597.
Temporarily I will only charge 497 euros. This is valid until December 31st 2017. Why? Why wait until new year to have resolutions. Take action now to work on your health!

No money can buy the feeling of energy, the feeling of being alive (instead of survive). Discover for yourself.

You can do this! Get started by booking an initial free consultation now, and we’ll go from there!

Only for the brave

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Meet your health coach

I’m Matthea and I’m a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.

I’m here to make a healthy lifestyle accessible. It needs to be time efficient because we don’t have a lot of it. But we do need energy to take care of our children, go to work, build a business.

I know, because I’m a mum (of two) myself.

My Health Coaching support is not just about food but usually, that’s where we’ll start. We will add food that will make you feel good. The energy it creates is the momentum we will use to look at other areas of your life. For instance:

  • stress management
  • work/passion/hobbies – what is your purpose
  • how to build a business around family life
  • how to find fulfilment after having been a stay at home mum
  • finding physical movement that works for you

All the above is connected. That is what makes me an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. Read more about me here.