Life can get pretty busy.

Combining a job, a business, raising children, being someone’s partner, trying to have a social life, all these roles can often make you feel like you are pulled in all directions.

Most times the relationship with yourself suffers. To take the time to pause and check in with yourself how you really are.

I mean, you know you’re tired and you are feeling stressed, but you just keep going because that is what you have become used to. And there is no time right?

What would your life be like if you had more energy?
What would you do differently? 

A diet or a detox with an end goal in mind is often not the answer.

I’m not saying a detox is a bad thing.

But it should be part of a healthy lifestyle.

Because a detox won’t fix anything if you go back to the habits that are not doing you a lot of good.

And a lot of times a certain diet or detox don’t last because it doesn’t fit in a normal busy life; you give up because it is just too hard.

I want you to have a sustainable result.
A lifestyle that makes you feel fit and well. With plenty of energy so that even after a bad night sleep you still feel pretty vital.

That way you can live your life to your full potential.

The only way to do this is to make step by step changes to your life. One by one.


one healthy habit today
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I will share 3 tips with you that will make you feel healthier and have more energy.

Tip 1 Sleep

Sleep is one of the most underrated things these days.
We are so busy and we get so overly stimulated with stress and too much to do, too much information, lots of screen time, the quality of sleep suffers.

A lack of sleep causes us to feel tired, it lowers our willpower to make healthier choices, we crave the wrong foods more and the body doesn’t have the chance to restore from stress.

Focussing on plenty of relaxation moments during the day, allowing plenty of time to wind down in the evening will help to improve the quality of sleep.

Tip 2 Move

Exercise is one of the most important parts of  a healthy lifestyle.

Adding movement boosts your mood and it improves your sleep.

Find a form of exercise that you like to do. If you don’t like going to the gym, that expensive membership card will end up in the drawer. Such a waste of money. It’s better to try some things that you know you will do because you like it.

Adding some ‘functional’ exercise also helps to move more; taking the stairs instead of the elevator, walking to school instead of going by car, doing some gardening, it all counts.

Tip 3 Drink water

Many health issues or feelings of hunger, tiredness, a headache, are caused by dehydration. Just not drinking enough.

So many people don’t drink enough water because they are either not aware or it just slips their mind because they are busy.

Making sure to drink plenty of water will keep you feeling fresh and energised. It you tend to forget it helps to have a big bottle on your desk, finish it in the morning, refill it for the afternoon.

Next time you feel a bit sluggish, hungry, or a headache coming up, drink a big glass of water and see how you feel.

A rough recommendation is to drink 6-8 tall glasses of water every day.


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