Great things happen when women lift each other up

I read this somewhere I while ago.

So it was great when my colleague Tanya from Canada posted an offer to help each other out in one of the Health Coaches groups I’m part of.

I happily accepted the offer. So Tanya shared my latest blog in her newsletter and her social media channels and I’m doing the same.

Today I’m extra happy about this because it’s the summer holiday here, I spent the whole morning at the pool because my youngest has started swimming lessons and now we’re home and I promised both of them to go outside because it’s so nice out.

And I had no idea what to write today. I guess my brain is on holiday mode as well.

So I’m happy to share Tanya’s blog post here:

3 tips on what to avoid on your weight loss journey

Tanya Otterstein-Liehs is a Fitness Professional & Life Coach with over 20-years experience who is inspiring busy women to live a balanced lifestyle by making important LIFE DEPENDENT time every day and including exercise, overall healthy eating and a positive mindset


By the way, did you know stress is a major factor in not losing weight or even gaining weight?

So take a break, go outside and breathe deeply.

We’ll be soaking up some sunshine.

See you soon my friends.


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