Better done than perfect.
Grow as you go.

It’s my new motto.

For many years I thought my perfectionism was a good thing.
It actually isn’t!

Perfectionism kills progress.

So instead I will try to make as many mistakes as possible. Maybe even make an idiot out of myself.

Last weekend I did yoga on a cold, hard hotel floor because I forgot my mat. This podcast has mistakes in it. But I did it. And it’s a much better feeling than not doing it.

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The same applies if you want to make changes to your lifestyle, maybe you want to live a healthier life. But you don’t know where to start. Or you feel overwhelmed with all the (conflicting) information out there. Or you start a whole new eating regime but it’s so complicated and it takes so much time, you give up after two weeks.

Do you want to start living a healthier lifestyle?

If you take these three tips on board you, you will have a much, much higher chance to succeed.

1. do it step by step

Don’t overhaul everything at once. Start with one thing only. For instance start with drinking more water. Just increase your water intake. It will crowd out the stuff that’s is not good for you. Do this for one, two weeks and then change something else.

2. keep things simple

Use common sense. You don’t need all kinds of superfoods or restrictive diets with complicated rules. What did our grandparents eat? Try to keep that in mind. Usually that means food that is not packed and has the smallest marketing budget 😉 (think fruit, vegetables, eggs, a good quality piece of meat or fish)

3. be willing to make mistakes

It’s ok to make a mistake. There will be days you will slip up. That’s ok and no reason to quit all together. There’s always a new day to start again, to do things differently. And don’t forget to see where you came from, celebrate what you have accomplished.

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