Not talking about the Olympics here.

I’m talking about being ready for your game. The roles you play in life. To feel your best self to be able to play those roles.

I was just having a quick lunch outside. Get some fresh air, a few rays of sunshine and some good fuel. Corn crackers with humus, smoked salmon and avocado. Took me 5 minutes max to prepare (and 5 minutes max to eat :))


eat well to excel
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I know this will keep me feeling fulfilled for the most part of the afternoon. And it will give me good energy. No afternoon slump, no tiredness. Just good energy, clarity and focus.

My passion is for you to feel that way as well. To wake up feeling refreshed, to feel focused, energised and nourished. Most of the time at least. Because of course, not all days are 100%, some are better than others.

But there’s a lot we can do to be our optimum selves. I know from experience.
So when I was munching away on my lunch I had this blurb of inspiration.
You know, sometimes when you step away from the work, something pops up in your head. Or a lightbulb switches on?

This was my little blurb:

You gotta eat well to excel.

While I was exploring this blurb, I took it a step further:

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Let’s say you’re an entrepreneur. What is your most important asset?

It’s you! You are your company.

So what do you do with your most important asset? You cherish it, you take care of it. Right?

And not just this, you have to be game ready as well. Meaning you cannot run marathons all the time, but you are in training in order to be able to take a sprint to the finish line.

Athletes take care of themselves. They go to bed on time, they eat a certain diet, they are in training.

Now we don’t have to put ourselves on a rigid plan like an Olympics athlete, but we can make sure to be and stay game ready.

So here are the four pillars to be ready for the game:

  1. body
    Eat the right food: focus on fresh foods, increase your vegetable intake and have 3 meals a day. Have healthy, nourishing snacks in stock (and nearby). Make sure to drink plenty of water (1,5-2 liters a day).
    Exercise regularly. Take breaks to stretch, take a walk during lunch, start the day with some yoga, find exercise that fits you.
  2. mind
    Take care of your mental and spiritual health. Meditate, take notes in the morning when you wake up, journal if that fits you, do something that makes you happy every day. Also, take time off. You cannot be ‘on’ all the time. Also schedule quiet time regularly. No phone, no e-mail, nothing. Silence and no stimulation. (That’s when the inspiration comes people!)
  3. surroundings
    Surround yourself with the right people. People that motivate you and lift you up.
    Have the right working environment. Clear your space from clutter, it saves a lot of stress. Make sure there is plenty of light and fresh air.
  4. sleep
    If all three above things are in order, your sleep will improve. And vice versa: if your sleep improves you will have more energy to focus on the other three pillars. Make sure to have plenty of good quality sleep. Switch off in the evening, go to bed on time. For most people 7-8 hours are adequate.

If you need help with one of these pillars, I can help you.

What would your life be like if you would have more energy? What would you do more of?

Send me an e-mail with your question and we’ll take it from there. No obligations, no strings attached. [email protected]

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