You want to make the most of your day.
You’ve got deadlines, things to do, people to see and maybe family members below the age of 18 to take care of.

What do you need to get all this done? Energy, right?

So my first format sounded like this:
5 mistakes you make that are killing your energy.

Now that doesn’t sound really nice, does it?
I like me a bit of positivity.
So I rewrote the title to

5 things you can do to boost your energy

everything is energy
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Here we go:

1. have breakfast

Great for energy and for productivity. If there’s one productivity hack, it’s this one.
Have a solid, nourishing breakfast that will give you energy to last through the morning. So that’s not a donut (sorry!) and it ain’t a Red Bull. You need something to release energy slowly, something that keeps the brain focused and you’ll be able to concentrate.

Think an omelet (with vegetables), cooked oats porridge with topping of for instance banana and nuts, overnight oats, natural greek yoghurt (with fruit optional) and a topping of nuts and seeds, banana pancakes.

2. stay hydrated

Don’t drink coffee all day, keep it to two in the morning. Coffee is not what keeps you going. It’s food and it’s water! We consist of approximately 75% of water. That level needs to be maintained. If you feel a headache coming or you feel a bit hazy or thirsty, chances are you need water. Drink 1,5 to 2 liters a day.

3. keep moving

Sitting all day behind a desk, I don’t know about you but it’s killing me. If you work from home, get up regularly to get some water (hint :)), run up and down the stairs, do a desk exercise, some jumping jacks, play a song and dance. Go for a walk during lunch break. Great to get the energy levels up.

4. get enough sleep

Sleep is so underrated and we can get so wired from all the stimuli all day, a lot of people go to bed too late. Switching off in the evening and going to bed on time (10pm is ideal but at least try to make it 11pm) so you can get a good night sleep. 7-8 hours is ideal. The upside of going to bed on time is that you’ll increase the chances of you waking up naturally as opposed to waking up with an alarm. If you wake up naturally you usually have had enough sleep. You will feel much better throughout the day.

5. eat the right food

This is a bit trial and error, because not everything works the same for everybody. But the general rule is eat whole, fresh foods. The less sugary processed foods, the better. Have a piece of fruit with you, some natural nuts, eat a salad or soup for lunch to avoid the after lunch crash, some raw veggies to nibble on. And eat dinner on time (and not too heavy) because this will help you fall asleep easier. You see, it’s all connected 🙂


What’s one area you can focus on to give your energy a boost?


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