We are in the middle of a never-ending Indian summer in Holland.
I cannot recall so many sunny days in a row in this country. I love it. Life is different when the sun shines, isn’t it!?

But fall is coming. And winter. There’s no escape.

If I was a bird I would fly to the sun in winter and come back in spring.

But I’m a human being and what happens to human beings in fall and winter, especially when they have school going kids taking home all kinds of viruses? We get sick. Or at least we will get a cold.

There are some things we can do to boost our immune system and keep at least some of the illnesses at bay. Last year, knock on wood, none of us got sick in this house. Except from several colds with the kids.

Let’s see if this method works again this year 🙂


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5 tips to boost your immune system

  1. supplement
    Vitamine D3 is great to take daily. Not only helps it to boost the immune system, also it helps you feel more energised. In winter you can even get a high dose vit D3.
    Vit C. Of course you can get this from fruits and vegetables but in winter I supplement vit C.
    Probiotics. Health starts in the gut. I would recommend to take this throughout the year, but especially in winter.
  2. get moving
    We spend so much time indoors in winter and we move less. So get moving. If you must, do it inside but as counter intuitive as it seems, fresh air helps boost the immune system. So go outside. Go for a walk, a run, opt for outside workouts which take place in many parks.
  3. eat well
    Eat freshly cooked foods most of the time and eat all colors of the rainbow to get a whole array of vitamins and minerals. Eating with the seasons also helps to boost the immunity, so buy what’s in season in your area or country. Increase your vegetable intake. Try to minimise sugar intake as sugar compromises the immune system.
    Also stay hydrated with plenty of water. 1,5-2 liters a day.
  4. rest and relax
    You might notice you’re more sleepy in winter. It’s dark early, the sun rises late and our bodies automatically need more sleep. Try to give in to this need. Go to bed on time, try to increase the quality of your sleep. All the effort you’ll make in the above mentioned areas will help you improve your sleep as well.
    Decrease stress levels by adding relaxation in your day. Again, more down time during the day helps you sleep better. It’s all connected people! 🙂
    I don’t know if it’s really true, but I can’t see any harm in it either, but apparently doing yoga and/or meditation and breathing exercises boosts the immune system as well. Well, at least you will feel better doing it.
  5. wash hands
    Very simple and doable. When kids come home from school, let them wash their hands. When you’ve been out shopping or in public transport to name a few, wash your hands. It does help prevent bugs.

If you do get sick, there’s nothing to do but surrender. Sleep, rest, eat (homemade) chicken soup and lots of tea.

Here’s to a healthy winter guys and gals!

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