If you have

-small children at home
-a (summer) holiday around the corner and the kids home from school

and you don’t know how to fit in exercise, I’ve got some great tips for you how to be creative and find time to get some movement.

If you have a really busy schedule and you don’t know how to find time to exercise, there are some tips for you as well.


time to exercise
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1 Do it first thing in the morning

Getting it done first thing is great because you can take a great feeling of accomplishment with you in the day. And you won’t have that little voice in the back of your head saying: I should exercise.

You could also get up 30 minutes earlier and do what works for you. A bike ride, a run, a yoga routine. (tip: for yoga in the comfort of your own home, I use and like this one: Yoga with Adriene, or look for other workout channels)

Done and dusted.

2 When the kids are in bed, taking a nap or during quiet time

I prefer not to exercise at night but for some it works. So, after the kids are in bed, go to the gym, for that run or whatever floats your boat.

You can also let them watch half an hour of television while you do your workout for instance on a treadmill, a yoga channel streaming on the i-pad or maybe you know your own routine.

3 Take them outside

Several options here:
When they’re little, put them in a stroller fit for running and go out for a run.
Go to the park and chase them around, play tag or play with a ball.
Depending on the number of kids and their age, use the stroller or have them ride their bike while you run with them.
Or just go for a pre- or post dinner walk.
If you don’t have kids, go outside for a walk during lunch break instead of sitting down.

4 Short workouts during the day

Download the 7 minute workout app and do this a couple of times a day. Great to get a break from the desk too. There are other apps as well, see which one fits you best.
You can even do workouts with the kids!

5 Integrate exercise in your daily life

Do a Desk Exercise or run up and down the stairs a couple of times. Do bigger chores that usually pile up (and have the kids help you out): gardening, cleaning the drive way, cleaning windows.
Walk to the store instead of taking the car. Do a plank while you wait for dinner to cook. Do a couple of jumping jacks. Be creative.

6 Put up a tune and dance

Compile a playlist of music that gets you dancing in Spotify. Turn up the volume and dance like no one’s watching for at least 15 minutes. Kids love this so do it with them!

7 Let go of all or nothing

Any exercise is better than no exercise. So if you overslept and missed your morning workout, find a way to fit something in during the rest of the day. If the yoga workout is 30 minutes and you just have 15, try to find another one or set the alarm and do your own routine, instead of not doing it at all.
That’s the idea. Just be creative and look for options. Don’t beat yourself up if it’s not working this particular day.


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