I just keep nagging how important it is to have breakfast, don’t I?

What if I ask you to consider that it’s just a bit weird to tell your kids to finish their breakfast while you won’t have any? 🙂

What if you had a few recipes on hand that are quick and healthy and tasty,
would you, could you have breakfast?

(This is also for people who would like a break from bread)

Double timesaving breakfast tip nr 1: NSBS
(Kids love this one!)
No Sugar Banana Smoothie with hidden things you don’t need to tell them about.

Banana smoothie
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Banana smoothie

Serves two:
One ripe banana, chopped in blender
Add up to half a cup of (Greek) natural yoghurt
3 tablespoons (tbsp) of whole or cut oats
3 tbsp of another kind of porridge (I use Teff, you could use rice or millet or spelt porridge)
(in case you don’t have the other porridge, just use 6 tbsp of oats)
1 big tbsp of flax seeds
dash of cinnamon
Start blending with 1 cup of water. Add up to 1 more till desired thickness.

Variations: add nut butter for extra fat or a big tbsp of cacao powder for a chocolate banana smoothie.

You know what’s extra great about this breakfast?
It takes just a few minutes to drink so you don’t have to ask 15 times to please take another bite otherwise we will be late for school.

Breakfast tip nr 2: overnight oats and seeds

Now my kids don’t like this, but at least you’ll have breakfast ready for you.

Overnight oats and seeds
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Overnight oats and seeds

Serves 1
Take a cup or a bowl (looks nicer in a cup)
Fill with 4 tbsp of whole oats
(or 3 tbsp oats and 1tbsp chia seeds but I don’t like them it’s slimy stuff that doesn’t taste like anything)
1 tbsp of pumpkin seeds
1 tbsp of sunflower seeds
1 tbsp of flax seeds
Top with (almond or oat) milk (make sure it seeps to the bottom)
Put in fridge for overnight soaking.
In the morning I like to top it with banana, chopped date for sweetness and chopped pecans.

Variations for topping: chopped apple, pear or berries, almond or walnuts, coconut flakes.

This one usually keeps me filled till lunch.

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