The other five easy ways to have your children eat more vegetables.
No sneaky stuff. No bribes.

Last week we started off with the first five in Part 1. Today I’ll share five more tips to make it easier for your children to eat more vegetables and end the struggle at dinner time. Eating together should be fun, it’s about enjoying the meal and sharing the things we did during the day.

Five more ways to increase your child’s vegetable intake:

First a quick rerun of last week’s tips.

  1. let them help you.
  2. serve it raw as a snack.
  3. don’t over cook vegetables.
  4. cook/offer more than one vegetable.
  5. make a salad for lunch.
  6. smoothies. Now this one might not be for all kids, but my youngest loves it (my eldest doesn’t). As long as you keep the banana as the base, which gives it a nice sweet taste, you should be fine. Blend a frozen chopped up banana, a handful of spinach or flat leaf parsley (this has a more outspoken taste though) and (coconut) water. You can also add an avocado for creaminess.
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  7. soups. Soups are always a great way for the whole family to eat a big serving of veg. Especially in winter time it is so nice and warming to eat all kind of soups. Red lentil/carrot soup, broccoli soup, cauliflower soup, pumpkin soup are favorites in our house.
  8. wraps. A tortilla or a pancake with grated and finely sliced vegetables. My daughters love Jamie Oliver’s rainbow salad wrap.
  9. bake muffins, fritters or a quiche. In all honesty I’m not the world’s greatest baker. So anyone who has a foolproof muffin with vegetables in it, please share! Fritters are a great way to sneak in vegetables and it’s a nice option to put in the lunchbox as well; Google ‘zucchini fritters or ‘corn fritters’ (that’s what I do :)). Last but not least, a quiche; for instance leek/ham or broccoli/feta or this one. I always buy ready-made pastry in the frozen section. We all need shortcuts in the kitchen, right!?
  10. buy them their own cookbook. A children’s cookbook is a great gift for slightly older kids who can read. They love to browse through it and if you let them pick a recipe and cook it together, they feel very proud and love the quality time with you in the kitchen. Something fun to do in the weekends. My eldest got this cookbook from her grandma for her 8th birthday:
    photo (2)
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That’s it guys. My 10 easy tips to let your children eat more vegetables. Pick one that appeals to you, try it for some time. If it doesn’t work, pick another. And remember, if they don’t like broccoli this week they might like it again in a couple of months. Or the other way 🙂

Are you struggling to feed your children healthy snacks and meals? I can support you, feel free to contact me.

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