Cravings; for sugar, for fat, something salty?

When you’ve hit the booze too hard and the sack too late, usually your preferred food the next day is something greasy right? Fried eggs with bacon and cheese. Or shawarma in the middle of the night. Something with mayonnaise or garlic sauce. I am familiar with the ritual, however I don’t know why that is. (Do you?)

These days, when I’m sleep deprived it is usually because of a monkey mind or a child waking up at night with a cough or a nightmare. And let’s face it, sleeping in is not in a parent’s vocabulary.

So when you’re tired, sleep deprived, what food cravings do you have? Is it something greasy? Is it sugary food? Caffeine? All things junk?

And how do you feel when you eat it? How long does it keep you going?

I still like my bit of greasiness. Don’t get me wrong. Fish and chips every now and then, delicious. And I do like shawarma or kebab (although my quality mark has shifted a bit since college days). But these days, when I’ve had a rough night, I crave something hearty but healthy. Like a warming soup filled with vegetables. Today I woke up with 2 hours less sleep than I would have liked and I felt I needed a good soup with lots of vegetables.

All these nice veggies went into this Minestrone soup with quinoa and kale It has lots of vegetables in it for vitamins and minerals, as well as canellini beans and quinoa for protein, olive oil for some good fat (don’t be too shy with it). This will make you feel fulfilled, fueled and it will keep you going for hours. And that’s what you need when you’re tired, food that fuels. Maybe you would like to try it next time, instead of going for the bagel or the candy, the greasy stuff, nourish yourself with something wholesome. Doesn’t this look good?

my version of the minestrone soup
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my version of the minestrone soup

Cooking tips:

Feel free to improvise with recipes. There are different sorts of kale, all good. I didn’t have white quinoa, so I used the red I had in the pantry. I thought the soup was already densely packed so I skipped the chickpeas. I didn’t have green beans, I used the snow peas we had in the fridge. If you don’t like kale, use cabbage, or omit. Instead of quinoa you could use (brown) rice or pasta.

Cook once, eat twice. If you’re chopping all this veg, why not chop for two days and enjoy a day off from cooking?

Don’t have time or energy to cook a soup? Try wholemeal toast (or gluten free option) with smashed avocado, salt and pepper, a drizzle of olive oil topped with a poached egg. Protein, fat and vitamin equals long time energy.



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