First day after a two-week school holiday. The girls have gone to back to school this morning.

So I have the whole day (the school day that is, from 8.30 – 3 pm, minus a forced-myself-to-take-a-break) to work on my new business.

I have a huge to do list. Many options. Tons of ideas.

My head is still in a pleasant holiday mode.

Not a good combination.

I had everything planned out for today. And I must say, to my own credit, I have finished my tasks for today. I had to pull myself by the hair to do it, but I did it.

But there was a fair amount of faffing about as well. Going back and forth between tasks and my to do list and other ideas, like a headless chicken.

And I’m annoyed with myself for the spoilt time. And I think about the webinar I listened to two weeks ago, which was really inspiring. It was from a guy who explained to Richard Branson of all people what IF was; his secret was to get so much done in little time.

IF stands for Internet Fasting.

The webinar guy challenged us by saying ‘this will work like magic but I know not many of you will be able do this’. And I said to myself ‘but I will! I will show him that I can do it as well’.

And I would start today. Shutting down the internet for 3-4 hours while I got my shit done.

But of course, I didn’t.

Hence the faffing about. Because there is not enough focus.

It’s the same with a healthy lifestyle. Or with going on a diet (which you shouldn’t by the way). Or eating less cake.

It will go well for a couple of days. And then one day it won’t.

You slip up and you eat a whole stack of cookies.



The key is to celebrate what did go well.
To not feel guilty. Guilt will get you nowhere, it will get you further from your goal.
To be kind to yourself and know there is a new day tomorrow and you can start over again.

That’s what I reminded myself of when I started to get annoyed.
I looked at what I had accomplished today. I told myself because it’s ok, it is after all the first day back to work after a holiday. And tomorrow is a new day.

(Although Wednesday is a half school day. So that leaves me with only 3 hours to work. Aaaaargh! :))

PS Yes I wrote this on a Tuesday. You’re so sharp 🙂 But you get the point, don’t you.

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