The Facts on Fats

Should we eat fat or shouldn’t we? What are good fats?

Trans fat, saturated fats, omega-3. Is butter good for you, or isn’t it?

I’m not too keen on technical terms and complicated information. But I hear so much confusion about fats I thought it was time to present you with a nice graphic about fats. It will explain to you the main types of fats, where you’ll find them, what they are (the boring facts) and most importantly what to eat.

One general rule though that will save you from all dilemmas in the supermarket is this:

Avoid all processed and junk foods. Eat mostly home cooked meals from fresh ingredients. Eat a lot of vegetables. Go back to eating like your grandmother would eat as much as possible and you’re set.

The Facts on Fats:

Facts on fat
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Facts on fat

So is butter good for you? Yes, but try to buy organic butter and even better from a local farm. Eat in moderation though. Use it for some of your baking and on your sandwich.

And what about olive oil? Great. Don’t put the bottle in your mouth but you can be generous, it won’t do you harm.

And what should I avoid? Avoid and or decrease your intake of margarine, foods in a pack, junk food and the bake and fry products in yellow bottles. Most important: Avoid products with the ‘low fat’ claim on it at all cost. People, it’s a marketing scam. Low fat products usually contain sugar and sugar is the main culprit for obesity (and tooth decay, blood sugar issues, diabetes). It is all processed and doesn’t have a lot to do with real foods.

What will happen if I start eating some good fats? You will notice you will feel full longer and your energy levels stay up.

Bonus tip: add some nut butter to your diet. I’m a big fan of almond butter but cashew or hazelnut is equally good. You can put it on slices of banana or apple for a snack, stir it through your oats  in the morning or add a spoonful to your yoghurt and muesli. Great energy suppliers, these nut butters!

Do you need more guidance on what fats to use in your diet? Feel free to contact me:


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