Inspired by a sweet friend who mentioned I should blog about my recipes, I decided to post more recipes here. Although fair to mention I don’t make my own recipes, I borrow others, mend it and improvise or just throw some things together.

Ok back to business. Today I’m sharing a fall salad which I compiled yesterday for lunch.

I think one of the beautiful things of living a healthy lifestyle is that you learn to listen to what your body needs. Now fall has started (or rather winter by the feel of it) I crave more winter foods. Like soup, pumpkin, stews, things like that. It makes sense your body craves more winter foods when it’s winter. Go with the seasons, very good for your wellbeing and immune system.

Fall salad


You need:

√ 1 small pumpkin, cut up in slices
√ couple of handfuls of brussels sprouts
√ one or two witlof (chicory)
√ Stilton cheese (or another (blue) cheese)
√ a big handful of pumpkin seeds
√ a dressing. In this case: 3-4 tbsp apple cider vinegar, 5-6 tbsp pumpkin kernel oil, salt and pepper.


→ preheat the oven 200C, roast the pumpkin and sprouts for 20-25 minutes (pierce it to feel whether cooked)
→ roast the pumpkin seeds in a frying pan
→ slice the witlof
→ arrange everything on a plate
→ drizzle the dressing on top

This is more than enough for 2 adults.

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