Fast and healthy breakfast; do you have the time?

Is this a familiar scene: kids are dressed, brushed, fed and ready to start their day. You deliver them to school with a rumbling stomach. Because you didn’t have time to feed yourself breakfast. You’ll be hungry and or grumpy all morning and the rest of the day you’re struggling to get rid of that hungry feeling.

Some people don’t like to eat breakfast because they’re not hungry in the morning.

Breakfast is a powerful thing though. Feeding yourself properly in the morning will pay off during the rest of the day. You’ll have more energy and you will snack less.

Healthy breakfast; download your three free recipes.

For you I have made this small recipe booklet, starring my three favorite fast, healthy breakfast options. All of them need to be prepared the night before. The only thing you will need to do in the morning is open the fridge, add some toppings (or not if you really don’t have time) and eat it. Or, if you’re not yet hungry, put it in a jar and take it to work with you.

Good morning to you and happy day!

Fast healthy breakfast recipes

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