I fell off the wagon.

I have been sloppy with my daily morning yoga, I rather stay in bed just a bit longer.
I have not been doing my daily meditation practice, I rather take that extra 15 minutes to keep working.
I have not been taking care of myself food wise, I just don’t take the proper time to eat the stuff that I know will make me feel best.
I have not been taking my regular walks because I felt I didn’t have the time, I wanted to finish things before the girls would come home from school.

Today I feel like doing nothing at all. I put on my jacket to go out for a walk, but I sat down behind my laptop again to write this instead. I know some fresh air will do me good but I just don’t feel like doing the ‘good’ thing. I just feel, well, the term ‘blegh’ covers it accurately.


I know sometimes you need to push yourself. Other times it comes naturally.
Some things take discipline, other things are a habit and you do it without thinking.

But I also know sometimes it’s better to give in to a certain feeling.
To go to bed at 9 because you feel like sleeping for instance.
To stop working and watch a movie.
To cancel an appointment because you feel drained and rather stay at home.

There’s a fine balance between doing taking good care of yourself and doing things you have to do or you know are good for you.

But maybe there are days being bad is good for you.
So that would mean giving in to not wanting to exercise. To rather go to a bar with a friend and drink too much wine. To eat french fries because you crave something salty and greasy.

As a health coach I need to walk the talk, I’m aware of that.

But maybe this, me falling off the wagon, precisely fits my talk.
Or maybe this is the healthy lifestyle, my style.

Knowing I will get back on the wagon tomorrow or at least somewhere within the next couple of days.

What do you think?

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