Can you believe it, we’re nearing Christmas with the speed of lightning.

I could use some light. It’s cold, grey and rainy in the Netherlands. The trees are bare, it gets dark at 4.30 pm, everything is tucked away in sweaters and socks. I’m not made for this weather at all. I think someone made a mistake and I should have been born in a different country 🙂

Anyway, it’s the season of giving.

I don’t necessarily mean the huge amount of money that will be spent on gifts.
I mean giving in the sense of giving something free for free. Your wisdom, your kindness, a smile, a listening ear, your love, your passion. Without expecting something in return.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to do this on a daily basis?
Of course, but often our lives are too rushed and there is too much going on and not enough hours in a day.

Let this season be a reminder to pause for a moment and appreciate everything we have and give something to others. Donate time or money to a charity, smile at people you don’t know, sort out toys and give some to people in need, help a friend with a chore.

The gift

I know someone who I think does something great. Her name is Janelle, a busy mum who cooks and inspires others to cook. Like all of us, sometimes she’s tired and can’t figure out what to cook for dinner. But she knows if she takes the time to breathe and enjoy the process even just for a moment, that love will be felt in the food.

I believe that too.

Cooking is love made visible.

I know a lot of you will be busy planning and preparing for Christmas. And here’s the gift from Janelle: she has made a Holiday Recipes collection to download, for free:


Currently I’m working on a new gift, a free course ‘Recharge your energy’.

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