Self care is a bit of a buzz these days.
And then there’s me going on and on about self care as well 🙂

The difference is though, I know mums hardly practice any self care, because they don’t have time.

If I ask mums what their biggest struggles are, one that keeps coming back is:

“I don’t have time for me”.

You’re right, you don’t have time, there is too much to do. Kids go first.
And last but not least, you feel guilty.
Guilty for taking time for you.

I know that guilt. It’s a mum thing.

We need to challenge that feeling. Know it’s there, acknowledge it, and do it anyway.
Really, there is no other way.

You deserve to take time for you. You need to because you need the energy to take care of your children, the house, to go to work, to start that business. To feel your best self.

But because we’re mums, it needs to be time efficient and we need to be creative.

To help you, I have created a free mini course
‘From tired to thriving. How to make time for self care.’

You can download it here.

Have fun with it!


If you like free goodies like this, here’s another on for you:
‘Quick energisers for busy mums’
Oh, I’d love that!


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