Today is Food Revolution Day a great initiative from Jamie Oliver to keep cooking skills alive. It starts with kids. If they don’t know how to cook, who will do it for us when we grow old? 🙂

We need to get them excited about growing food, picking the right food, cooking it and eating it. Together at the table. (Did you know sharing a meal together at the table increases serotonin levels, the happy hormone?)

How you eat will determine how you feel. Change the food you eat, will make you feel healthy and happy. If we inspire our kids in the kitchen it will set them up for a healthy and happy life.

Tip: if your kids are picky eaters, what helps is to take them shopping with you. Let them help you pick the food. Show them what will be in their meal. And let them help you in the kitchen. Even the tiny ones can do something, like washing vegetables or mixing things. It will make them feel proud and there is a big chance they will eat it!

Really cool tip: there are knifes for sale specifically for children. We bought some similar to these Kiddi Kutters. They can safely help you chop veggies in the kitchen. They love it!

Happy Food Revolution Day!

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