You know you’re passionate about what you do when you go to a workshop about gut health on a Friday evening.

That’s what I did last Friday night. While on the corner of the street the outside terrace of a pub was buzzing with people having drinks and having a good time.

I like going to the pub, don’t get me wrong. But these days I also like learning about the gut on a Friday night 😉


Health starts in the gut

Who has heard the phrase ‘Health starts in the gut’?

It does guys.

And I know for sure going to the gym is not the first step to make you healthy. Even more so when you continue to eat shitty food. Or deprive yourself of food by going on a rigid diet.

Because those guys in our gut -and it’s busy in there- they need to eat. And they want to eat well.



Ok here are some gut facts:

 70% of our immune system comes from the gut

 our brain produces 50% of dopamine, so does our gut

 and while our brain produces 10% of serotonine, our gut takes care of the other 90%. Wow!

 500-1000 microbial species live in our gut, weighing up to 1,5-2 kilos


Our gut keeps us healthy and happy

It’s a complex but quite genius system that works around the clock to keep us not only healthy, but also happy (remember the dopamine and serotonins) 🙂

Many factors lead to disruption in the balance in our gut, such as medications, poor diet of too much sugar and processed foods, exposure to chemicals and toxins and stress and also trying to sterilise everything.


Healthy from the inside out

Imagine the lifestyle many of us lead now. Stressed, busy, eating on the go, or not eating. How exposed we are to chemicals and toxins from processed foods and body care products.

It has a huge impact.

So if you want to work on your health with lasting benefits, do it from the inside out.

This is what you can do:

eat well

Eat home cooked food, from fresh ingredients, preferably without a label 🙂
Eat lots of vegetables. Replace simple carbo hydrates (white bread, pasta, rice) with complex carbs (brown, sourdough bread, brown rice, buckwheat, quinoa etc). Make sure to add plenty of healthy fats (olive oil, butter instead of margarine, coconut oil, avocado, fatty fish).
And stay hydrated with plenty of water (8 tall glasses a day or 1,5-2 liters).

If it’s a plant eat it, if it’s made in a plant, don’t. (Michael Pollan)

pro- and prebiotics

Supplementing with probiotics might be a good idea (if you take the right one).
But through food intake you can make sure to get plenty of pro- and prebiotics. Eating all colors of the rainbow and eating fermented foods, is very beneficial. Eating a fibre rich diet of fruit and veg, complex carbs, nuts and seeds is best.

stress free

Try to reduce stress to a minimum. Stress causes the digestive system to shut down. It’s that simple. Do yoga, breathing exercises, go for a walk, meditate, take baths, whatever floats your boat. And make sure to have plenty of rest and sleep.

reduce toxins

Eat organic fruit, veg and meat if budget allows. Replace ordinary body care products with natural body care products. They don’t contain parabens and other disruptive chemicals. It also helps to replace washing powder/liquid and household products with eco or natural products.
chew well

Practice to chew longer than you might be used to. Often eating in a hurry means gulping down the food and not chewing well. Help your gut by doing the pre work.


There’s much, much more to the gut then just this. But you know me, I like to keep things simple and understandable.


Whenever you are about to make a choice on what to eat, or when you notice yourself running around like a headless chicken, think about those guys in there and whether you are doing them any good or harm.



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