There are so many articles and blog posts on how to do it.

How to eat healthy. How to lose weight. How to Get Things Done.

I thought it’s time for a How Not To Do It blog.


This is how I’m working today while having lunch. Or having lunch while I’m working.


I’m a Health Coach and I’m definitely not walking my talk today.

Instead I’m a mum who is trying to get her things done while the kids are in school.
And today is not one of those streamlined, focussed, well planned out days.

From today’s experience, here’s my How Not To Get Things Done while the kids are in school list:

  • do not hold in your pee and wiggle around in your chair, but go to the toilet when nature calls
  • do not forget to drink water regularly instead of just sitting behind your laptop for 3 hours straight without drinking
  • do not wait with having lunch until the point that you have become light-headed from hunger
  • do not have lunch in front of your laptop and mindlessly eating your leftover pumpkin carrot soup
  • do not sit behind your laptop for 3 hours straight (minus one quick run to the toilet) and then slowly feel your shoulders tightening
  • do not get stressed and overwhelmed because you only have these 6 hours to get some work done and it has to be done now because you discovered yesterday evening that they are off school tomorrow because it is a curriculum day and
  • do not let this overwhelm make you get unfocused and just do loose ends randomly which makes you’re not making the most of your time
  • do not contemplate skipping your 20 minute meditation because it is past 1pm already and they are off in less than 2 hours and you could really use this time to get some more work done


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