love having babies
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Here it is. The truth.

‘If you truly love having babies, then you don’t care about the morning sickness’.

In all honestly, I didn’t love having babies.
So I guess that’s why I did care about the morning sickness 🙂 I had it quite severely, for three months, during both pregnancies.

What I do love though, is that my eldest ‘baby’ is now a 9 year old who went to soccer training with her friend by herself. And what I also do love, is that my youngest 4 year old is playing with her friend, while I read a book on the terrace on a for Dutch standards unusually warm autumn day.

And I do love both of them tremendously.

I’m just not a baby person. I know that. Does that make me a bad mother?
Probably not. I’m the type of mother just as I am; a good enough mum.

This sentence in Big Magic made me chuckle though.


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