I sat down to write a blog. And I drew a blank.
Even though I have a list in Google Keep with blog ideas, none of them spoke to me today.
So I decided to do some keyword research. You know, to see what is on the minds of people out there. What are they looking for.

And I typed in ‘lose weight’. Because I know that’s what a lot of people want. And I reckoned I can take it from there.

A huge list turned up. That’s one thing.
Another thing was that a lot of people want it fast, in a week or overnight even.

Overnight weight loss. Wouldn’t that be nice, to wake up and you have lost the pounds that are bugging you?

Anyway. The whole weight loss thing is bugging me.

Not necessarily that people want to lose weight. I get that. After I had my second child and she turned one I wanted to lose the 3 last pregnancy kilos.

What bugs me is that people want it fast. And that there is a whole industry making use of this. Making you believe it can be done fast. Not mentioning what it does to how you feel, your body and whether it will give you lasting results.

What bugs me is what people will go through to get there. Crash diets, depriving themselves of everything, being focused on the number on the scale, feeling frustrated about not getting there fast enough or getting there at all.

And what bugs me is the way people talk about the weight and to themselves. I cannot imagine what it does to your self-esteem and body image. Oh wait, I can. I remember times not too long ago I talked to myself in a way I would not dream to talk to a friend or my kids.



What I want for you is to find what feels good.

To fuel yourself with food that will keep you feel full and energised.

To find a form of exercise that works for you.

That you sleep well at night so you have plenty of energy throughout the day.

That you are an example to your children by taking good care of yourself instead of showing them it’s ok to starve yourself and feel cranky. Show them you love yourself. Lead by example.

To work on releasing stress and to focused.

To talk to yourself as you would talk to a friend.

And to shift the focus from the number on the scale to feeling healthy.

Wouldn’t you say it’s more important to feel good and be healthy? And to get lasting results instead of going up and down like a yo-yo?


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