Even though I’m a Health Coach, sometimes I really get annoyed by the whole health and wellness industry.

Honestly, if I see one more person holding a mason jar with a green smoothie in it, I’m going to scream. Well, not scream, but you get the point.

Or how about:

The skinny, tanned models (in bikini) in a weight loss ad.

The health coach with a mason jar, smiling broadly, looking so healthy and happy.

The hypes, one after another. Detoxes, juicing, raw, paleo, oil pulling, waist training even (going back to the Middle Ages, wearing a corset).

Perfectly looking (and perfectly photographed) meals.

Bikini body. Beach body. A whole new you. Please…

The rigid rules some people say you need to follow as the only way to wellness heaven.

The exact number of minutes you need to exercise, because that is the only way you will feel fit.

I don’t know about you, but I always feel pressured when I read about these rigid rules.
And I feel overwhelmed because there is yet another thing I ‘have to’ or ‘should’ do in order to be healthy. The bar is high, don’t you think?

And I used to feel frustrated because I would never look like that person.

I get it now. She is she and I am me. We can never achieve someone else’s body or life.

[bctt tweet=”There is no perfect body, but there is a healthy body for each of us.” username=”mattheaosinga”]We have to work with what we have, our life, our body, our constitution of cells.

I have made it my goal to feel good in my own body and do my own thing. In a way that fits me and my life.

I have had two children so my body changed, not to mention my whole life.
Having children doesn’t leave the time to go to the gym every day or meditate for an hour daily or make my own almond milk (yes, I know it’s really easy but it’s all about priorities).

Because I have changed my lifestyle gradually over the years, I do feel fit most days, even when I haven’t slept that well. But I have my good days and the not so good days.

And you can rest assured, I am sure the wellness professional with the mason jar, the tanned skinny body, has her grumpy days as well. (And who knows, she might be hungry and cranky all the time because she has to drink juice all day).

And by the way, this is the way to have a beach body:

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