I’m supposed to write a blog this week.

Because consistency is key, they say. You need to make sure your tribe hears from you on a regular basis.

So, I am writing a blog. But it’s a short one. Usually it takes me two hours to post a blog. Writing, editing, finding a visual etc.

Today it needs to be done in 10 minutes. Because I’m celebrating a holiday with my daughters who are on a two week break from school.

I do want to get my business up and running. And I do want to start making money.

But my girls are growing up so fast. And I have been either gone or mentally absent so often lately.

All of a sudden I got my priorities straight. I’m spending this week with them. No work, hardly any e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, blogging.

Just being with them. Because now, I can.

That’s my priority this week.

What’s yours?

Is a shift in priorities necessary in your life?
PS: P also stands for perfectionism. This blog is far from perfect. There’s not even a visual. Because I couldn’t find one that quickly. This has to do. I choose action over perfect.

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