“The 3 month program has flown by. The power of the program I think is that every session we would work on one area and two or three recommendations so that it is very clear what the effect from making these particular changes is. You stay really close to yourself. It’s not about learning a trick, it is about adjusting your habits in a sustainable way. The results last. The example I often use when I talk about it is that if I do eat something that is less of a healthy choice, I chose to do so consciously and really enjoy eating it.

Matthea really is a top coach! Responds quickly to questions and in case she doesn’t know the answer straight away she finds out and gets back to you quickly. A very realistic, open, spontaneous lady and she’s really good at what she does.”

Alous van Nieuwkerk, Amsterdam

“Matthea is very pleasant to work with. She is easy to talk to and she sensed very well what it is I was struggling with. She shares valuable and practical tips and advice. The 3 month programme has been very valuable to me. Not just the conversations we’ve had, but also the recipes and nutritional advice she has given me. I’m more in balance now and I’m able to listen to myself and my body now. Thanks to Matthea’s help.”

Saskia van Daalen