The best diet for sustainable results and feeling good

Last week I wrote about why weight loss products won’t help you lose weight.
I’m not sure what annoys me more; the people who come up with these products, or the people who decide to sell them. Because it is a big lie.
They contain so much sugar, they belong in the candy section.
And because they contain so much sugar, you will not lose weight.
The only reason why you might lose weight is because you’re not eating anymore.
But how long will it stay off?

Why would you do that to yourself? Deprive yourself of food and nourishment. Feel cranky and hungry.
I get it that you don’t feel happy in your body. You want to lose those pounds that you can’t seem to shed after the baby is born.

But don’t you want to feel energised? Happy and nourished? Set an example to your child that you take proper care of yourself? And wouldn’t you like to see results that last? Make some changes in your life that will make you feel good on the long term?

To see results that last, you need at least 3 weeks to get used to the changes you’ll make. So take your time. Be patient.

The best diet*

It is not complicated. It is not about counting calories. It is not about restrictions. It is not about deprivation.

drink water; 1,5-2 liters a day (herbal tea is ok, flavor your water with herbs or fruit, soda water)
cook your own meals from whole, fresh foods; minimise take away and ready made meals (they contain loads of salt, sugar usually and the wrong kind of fat). Start eating less carbs and increase your vegetable intake drastically. It helps keep you feel full longer.
have three main meals and most of all, don’t skip breakfast, start the day off with a solid breakfast like overnight oats or a quick omelet.
♥ have a mid morning and mid afternoon snack. A banana, an apple, a handful of natural nuts are great snacks.
add some good fats to your diet. Olive oil, organic butter. Our bodies need fat to function properly and it will help you feel full longer.
♥ try not to eat anything after dinner. If you really can’t resist, have some natural yoghurt, an apple, some nuts.
♥ find a light exercise that you like to do; taking a brisk walk, bike ride, yoga, swimming. Try to move every day for 30 minutes.
sleep; the body needs to rest to restore. Stress is a reason why a lot of people keep on weight. Make sleep a priority.
reduce stress; light exercise helps, proper food helps, yoga, meditation, breathing exercises.
♥ most of all, minimise your sugar intake. That means, no soda (no diet soda either), reduce cookies, candy, cakes and tarts. Remember, fat is not the enemy, it’s the sugar.

‘no fat’ ‘low fat’ it’s not important at all. It’s a warning sign to read the back of the pack. Usually these products contain sugar (in different forms). Walk on and get yourself some veggies.

It’s quite a list. I don’t mean you should do it all at once. Pick one item from the list and start incorporating that into your life. After a few weeks, add another item. And allow yourself some indulgence every now and then. It’s ok to go out to dinner or have cake. Just make it really good and be sure to enjoy it.

*If you have serious health issues like a nut allergy or coeliac disease, go see your gp. This is the best diet for people without any allergies.


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