Yesterday I attended a very inspiring meeting in the office of a successful entrepreneur.
He invited 20 (starting) entrepreneurs to ask him questions for a couple of hours.

I was very much looking forward to it.
But in the morning I could hear that little voice popping up: ‘shouldn’t you just get to work’? ‘you said you’d stop consuming and start producing, so why are you going there to consume more?’ ‘let’s just cancel and do proper work’.

I know what the underlying thing is: it’s partly fear and partly shame.
I have just started and I’m not making money. He’s doing very well. So I feel I don’t have the right to take my place in that group of people. I’m not entitled.


I kicked the voice to the curb, installed another one, hopped on my bike and went.

And I grabbed that mike and asked questions. I didn’t wait modestly for my turn, I waited for that split second of silence after he asked ‘who would like to start with a question’ and I just said ‘I’ll go first’.

At the end of the afternoon he asked each of us what our take away was of the meeting.

This is mine:

‘Make commitments you can’t get out of’ Eelco de Boer


commit to things
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It is one of the secrets to success. To push yourself, to start taking action.
Planning is nice, but doing is another thing. So make appointments, block time in your calendar, commit to something and do it.

For me that means when I’m planning to go somewhere I will go and not make excuses.

And I will not just plan to do a webinar, I will schedule it and put it out there so people will sign up and I can’t get out of it anymore.

The secret to success in business.
But also in life.
And in trying to get healthy or fit or feeling well.

It means taking steps.

Not just planning to go to the gym, but go there, get a membership (or even better a personal coach if you can afford it, someone you can’t keep waiting :)) and schedule it in your calendar.

Not just plan to drink less soda but commit to it by clearing your fridge and pantry, getting rid of it and get a healthy alternative (it’s there and it’s from the tap ;)).

Not just plan to take that walk which you won’t because you’re too tired after dinner, but make an appointment with a friend to do it so you can’t get out of it.

That’s the idea.

One way to make yourself accountable is to share with someone what you are going to do.

No more excuses! (and I’m addressing that to myself mostly)

One more thing

One other thing I kept making excuses for to not put it out there is a Free Challenge I had lying around in the cloud. You know, things like ‘it’s not good enough yet’, ‘maybe I can come up with something else’, ‘is this what people need?’ ‘what if no one signs up’.

There’s only one way to find out and that’s doing it. I won’t find out if this is what people need by just thinking about it, right? So I kicked myself in the b*tt, bit the bullet and set up the whole thing in 3 hours. Which is far less than the hours I spent thinking about whether I should use it or not.

Pretty lame.

So guys, I’m running a Free 7 Day Healthy Habits challenge. It’s a great taster for people who are wanting to make some changes in their life to feel better and have more energy.

You’re invited to join us, it starts Monday July 4th.

More info here or just commit to it and sign up:


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