The other day I was in my friend’s clothing store.
It functions as a meeting place for women as well.
We try on clothes or just drink coffee or wine and talk. It can get pretty honest and vulnerable.
And it’s a lovely place because the women always lift each other up.

So the other day there was this young woman, in her 30s, southern European, who was on a holiday in Amsterdam. She tried on shoes and moved on to trying a dress. She had to do the fitting in the back because there was some construction going on. I was there making coffee.

She looked in the mirror and said ‘This has to go’. Pointing at the sides of her body and her tummy.

She looked perfectly fine to me. And I told her that.

It appeared she had a baby 6 months ago.

So I talked to her to take it easy, (I mean, she just had a baby, right!?) she looked fine and it will come off in its own pace as long as you take good care of yourself and eat well.

It is shocking to hear what women say to themselves.
I’m a regular visitor to my friend’s shop so I get to witness a lot of down talking.
I cannot imagine what my friend hears on a daily basis.

Why diets usually don’t work 

So the usual thing women do is go on a diet. With a big goal in mind. The before and after pic. ‘This has to go’ and they start to deprive themselves of food and nourishment.

You start to feel hungry and crappy. And it takes long, so it’s frustrating and usually the nasty self talk increases.

Because you’re hungry, you start to crave the things you cannot have.
And you start to crave comfort food because the long process makes you feel down.

And you give in. And that was the end of the diet.

small steps big impact
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I challenge you to try my strategy

What you really need to do is developing a healthy lifestyle as an everyday activity.
Taking one step after another. One small healthy decision followed by another.
Rather then looking at the end goal that feels out of reach.

I recommend starting with food. Small healthy food decisions.
Adding good things instead of denying yourself. For instance start with drinking more water. Eat a banana when you’re hungry instead of cookies or a candy bar.

And then before you know it, time goes by and you start to have more energy, you are sleeping better, you feel better in your body and your clothes start to fit!

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That’s the strategy. I know it’s not a short-term fix. It’s a transformation that will last you a lifetime.

Wouldn’t you rather feel good all year round than just lose weight to fit in a bikini and feel crappy trying to accomplish it?

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