It is so easy to reassure another mom who feels she is the worstmomever. (With a hashtag.)
I sincerely do not believe she is. We all make mistakes in parenting.

Boy do I make mistakes. And do I feel like the #worstmomever. Especially when they’re in bed, asleep. Right?

So, it’s fall break. Only yesterday, on Facebook,  I shared my top three goals for this week:

Matthea Osinga 1. get in flexibility and acceptance mode because it’s fall break here 2. do my daily DYB tasks 3. write a blog post

3 is in process as we speak. 2, the same. And was I feeling content with myself yesterday for doing really well on goal nr 1, I failed big time today.

I often preach acceptance is the key in parenting.
And I’m sure it is; what’s the point in resisting things you have no control over. But sometimes it’s so hard to practice what you preach.

12 hour workday

This morning, I woke up at 6.30. Did some yoga.
The first encounter with my girls was at 7am. Around 7pm I said to myself, this was a 12 hour workday.
12 hours of not being alone for 1 minute. Not being able to do what I need and want to do.

Yesterday I enjoyed having the girls around, not having to do school drop off, the hurrying, packing bags etc.
Today it was a battle between acceptance and annoyance.

At 7.30 I was done and I told them to read by themselves so that I could do some work.

5 minutes later I felt guilty already.

Guilty for yelling. For not tucking them in. Not having the patience to give 5 or 10 minutes to read. I mean, what is 5 minutes on a day!?
Guilty because they had been the sweetest lot all day.
Guilt because I know they grow up fast and in a few years time they don’t want me to read to them anymore. And by then I wish I had enjoyed these years more….

I guess I need to accept today was not the best day and tomorrow there’s a new one.

And Monday, school starts again.

My tip for dealing with guilt and feeling like the worst mom ever:

Every time I feel like the #worstmomever, I try to think of the things that did go well that day and there always are many. Like today, we laughed, we had fun, I made them happy buying meringues and eating them. I fed them 😉 It makes me feel a lot better.


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